Club Information

Next Meeting:
26 September 2019

Meeting Time:
18:45 for 19:00, every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month

(Mingle time from 18:30 to 19:00!)


Meeting Place:
Tennis Pavilion
Morningside Country Club
1 De La Rey Road

If you are coming from Sandton on Rivonia road, turn left after the Engen garage into 7th Avenue, then left again into De La Rey

District: 74
Division: H
Area: 4
Club Number: 8217
Charter Date: 6/1/1991



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IMG_20190906_1219501-1Satram Blair

Committee role: President

Bad public speaking is contagious. I was pretty good at speeches in a schoolgirl way. I won competitions, being sharp, witty speaker was a defining part of who I felt myself to be.

I started a corporate job, something strange happened. My talks sagged into presentations, burdened with bullet points. At the time I was surrounded by people who were stuck in the same offices giving the same presentation. I felt we had reached an unspoken consensus that giving bad talks was the way things were done. After joining Toastmasters there was light and my journey began…

Good communication takes practice. It takes time to develop effective communication skills, we are investing in ourselves. At Morningside Toastmasters we meet regularly to improve and maintain our skills, as well as to assist each other. Our club has a wide range of ages, background, cultures and public speaking experience.

As we provide effective listening, we become better listeners and learn how to be truly present in the lives of our clients, bosses, friends, family members, and our children. As we practice giving feedback, we are learning how to provide insightful, positive, motivating, and encourage the speaker to reflect and develop the inner evaluator as well as to improve their performance with tools for continued learning. Effective communication skills increase our ability to be heard and understood. They boost our self-esteem and confidence by empowering us to speak out.

Our themed meetings provide a fantastic ambience, knowledge, value and opportunity to network. The club atmosphere enriches our communication and leadership skills while learning, building confidence and having fun.

Come join us at our next meeting: The benefits are simple. We give you the opportunity to:

  • Improving speaking, listening, thinking and leadership skills
  • Discovering hidden abilities and awakening latent talents
  • Acquiring an expanded vision of the role of communication
  • Increasing self-esteem through active participation in personal development

Ange KodassoEducation

Committee role: Vice President of Education

The vice president education is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing a club program which meets the educational needs of the individual members. Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Explain the Toastmasters education program to members.
  • Orient new members to the Toastmasters education program within two meetings of their joining the club.
  • Educate continuing members about the various education awards they can earn, and how they can stay on track to earn them in the least possible time.

Thuli ButheleziSecretary

Committee role: Secretary
The club secretary is responsible for club records and correspondence. The club secretary has custody of the club’s charter, constitution, and addendum and all other records and documents of this club; keeps an accurate record of the meetings and activities of this club and of the club executive committee; maintains an accurate and complete roster of individual members of this club, including the address and status of each individual member and transmits the same to the successor in office. The club secretary provides notices of meetings and immediately notifies World Headquarters of Toastmasters International of any change in the roster of individual members.

Ntombi BaloyiTreasurer 2

Committee role: Treasurer
The club treasurer is responsible for club financial policies, procedures, and controls. The club treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of this club,
all club funds; pays to Toastmasters International all financial obligations of this
club as they come due; and keeps an accurate account of all transactions.

Batetshi MatengeMembership

Committee Role: Vice President – Membership

I first heard about Toastmasters through a friend in 2016 when I moved to Johannesburg, and I have been part of Morningside Toastmasters since May 2017.

Speaking in front of national and international audiences is an integral part of my career. While I find that I can do it, this used to come with high anxiety! I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to develop and practise public speaking skills; and feel more confident in my verbal communication abilities. I have experienced tremendous growth in my toastmasters’ journey so far, and every speaking and leadership opportunity has improved my skills. One of my favourite aspects of toastmasters is crafting speeches! I am passionate about writing, and this allows me to hone my writing skills and practice sharing ideas with others.

I decided to take up the Vice President of Membership role this year for several reasons. I wanted to build my leadership skills, show a commitment to the club by serving, and hold myself accountable to achieve the personal goals I have set for myself. I no longer have a paralysing fear of speaking, but I still have specific goals that I would like to achieve. These include feeling at ease with speaking impromptu and an increased command over my speeches.

I look forward to the learnings ahead!

Sazi Mzileni

Committee Role: Vice President – Public RelationsPublic Relations

The  first time I heard about Toastmasters was in grade 11, in high school. However, I didn’t use the opportunity then so when a friend told me she had joined Toastmasters- it was my second chance.

Growing up I always felt that I had something to say but I didn’t know how to say it. I believe that Toastmasters will help me practice communicating so that which I have to say may be said well. I have always been afraid of speaking let alone letting my views be known for fear of judgement. Toastmasters has given me the platform to practice this skill of speaking and I plan to use it extensively as I develop my leadership skills. Furthermore to developing my communication skills which is bound to impact every area of my life positively, Toastmasters easily provides leadership skills in the form of providing feedback to others- there’s an art to it.

I took up the Public Relations officer role because honestly everything is about marketing and how you market yourself has bearing on where you find yourself in the future. I must say this is not something that comes easily to me which is why I challenged myself by taking up this role. I am excited to see the growth that will come with it and also seeing how I can serve. By serving- I mean enabling myself and others in reaching our goals.

My name is Sazi and I am reporting for duty.

Kotli MoliseSergeant at arms

Committee Role: Sergeant At Arms

The club sergeant at arms is responsible for club property management, meeting room preparation, and hospitality. The sergeant at arms chairs the social and reception committee.