Club Information
Next Meeting:
26 September 2019

Meeting Time:
18:45 for 19:00, every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month

(Mingle time from 18:30 to 19:00!)


Meeting Place:
Tennis Pavilion
Morningside Country Club
1 De La Rey Road

If you are coming from Sandton on Rivonia road, turn left after the Engen garage into 7th Avenue, then left again into De La Rey

District: 74
Division: H
Area: 4
Club Number: 8217
Charter Date: 6/1/1991
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Have you ever been in a situation where you were saying one thing but were getting the complete opposite response? I know I have. It happens when I am pitching ideas at work or when I’m asking for clarity about a product in a store. Some days, I wonder if I am speaking English…

When I first joined toastmasters, I thought it was only for those who wanted to get over their fear of public speaking, which of course was my priority at the time. I soon realised that through Toastmasters, I was getting a whole lot more than that. I was learning how to communicate in a wide variety of ways. From giving feedback, to managing my time, and giving a short report or an impromptu speech. I was being taught how to communicate in a myriad of ways. Which I suppose makes sense, right. When we communicate, its not always a prepared speech – unless of course that is your job. It’s impromptu reports to colleagues or your boss, it’s feedback on a project or process that you’ve been involved in, it’s requesting information, it’s buying something and making sure you have the right thing.

This is further exasperated with the influx of information that we receive daily, from the listening to the radio to reading news on social media or watching your favourite series, we are constantly on. And to counter that, we are finding shortcuts to communicating abbreviating words or terms to a few letters such as brb (be right back) or lol (laugh out loud). And depending on your perspective, upbringing, or country, you could easily miss someone using such colloquial terms.

Human beings communicate verbally, non-verbally and through script. So, how can we ensure our message is being understood, given all the other distractions.

Well, one great way for honing all 3 modes of communication is through toastmasters, even script, after-all your evaluation is usually written down, isn’t it 😉

But of course, I am biased 🙂

Vice President Public Relations

Charlie Luzuka


The roles during a toastmasters meeting