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Next Meeting:
26 September 2019

Meeting Time:
18:45 for 19:00, every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month

(Mingle time from 18:30 to 19:00!)


Meeting Place:
Tennis Pavilion
Morningside Country Club
1 De La Rey Road

If you are coming from Sandton on Rivonia road, turn left after the Engen garage into 7th Avenue, then left again into De La Rey

District: 74
Division: H
Area: 4
Club Number: 8217
Charter Date: 6/1/1991



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22 August 2019 Meeting

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At our last meeting held last night, on the evening of the 25th of August 2016, we had Chiedza   hosting us as the toastmaster of the day. The theme was “when I grow up”.
The word of the day was Agathist (n. 1816, from Greek agathos “good”) – A person who believes that all things tend towards ultimate good; a holder of the doctrine of agathism.
Examples: “David is an optimist, he doesn’t think this war to be an actual threat. John, on the other hand, is an agathist. War may break out he says, but even if it will- it will work for the general good of this nation”.
The agenda was jam packed as usual, with four speeches, ranging from CC1 to an advanced speech.
We hosted four visitors and welcomed a new member, Mbasa – welcome Mbasa!
We also had a raffle, and the prize was a smart phone holder, our VPPR Charlie won the prize. Well done Charlie.
The table topic required nominees to describe a random object and how they would use it.
The awards for the evening went to (drum roll):
Best speech – Sean Yang
Best evaluation – Helen Green
Best table topics – A visitor, Phillip.
Best Speaker - Sean Yang

Best Speaker – Sean Yang

Club information


Raffle prize winner – Charlie

Save the date

We will be organising a year end function in late October / early November! Yay! So please save the following dates and we will notify you of final dates as soon as possible: 24 October 2016 / 10 November 2016. These dates are club meeting days, so it shouldn’t inconvenience any of you too much.

Speech contest


Best table topics speaker – a guest, Philip

We will be having our Spring Speech contest on 22 September 2016. So please volunteer, we need speakers, and other role players, we also most importantly need an audience, so please bring any friends, family and neighbours.
We will be having both a table topics (just pitch) and humorous speech (prepare a funny speech – don’t overthink it, you are a hilarious bunch). It’s a fun way to showcase our skills, to stretch ourselves and enter the new season with a bang. More deets will be given to the volunteers.
Roles up for grabs include: sergeant of arms (x2), timer (x2), contest chairs (x2).
The winner of the prepared speech – the humorous speech – will proceed to the Area contest which will be held on the 29th of September 2016.
 Membership renewals

Best evaluator – Helen Greene

It will soon be time to renew our membership and you should all have received your invoices by now. The Toastmasters International membership fee has increased from $36 to $45, this big increase is due to fees having not been increased in years – aka inflation.
We will also be introducing an MSTM club dues, this will help us to cover rental fees and to provide refreshments at our meetings. Chi has sent out an email about the membership fees, but should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee members.
By paying up for the year, we can win an award as a club, plus in order to participate in our upcoming speech contest, you need to be a paid up member.

Sergeant at arms


Ice-breaker – Satram

We are still missing a committee member, sergeant at arms. The importance of a sergeant at arms is felt at each of our meetings. Not only does the sergeant at arms set up the meeting space, and keep time, but they also set the ambience and ensure that despite any setbacks, we have a fruitful meeting. If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact any of the committee members.
Joining Toastmasters is not only about the meetings or improving your speaking / communication, but also your leadership skills. Sergeant at arms is a key leadership role within the committee and the club. I found this fun article about the what a sergeant at arms is, I hope you enjoy it.
For more information, please contact any of the committee members.

Morningside Toastmaster have closed for the remainder of the year. This means there will be no meeting on Thursday the 11th December 2014. We will meet again on the 8th January 2014 at our regular venue.

Have a super great holiday, new years celebrations and a merry Christmas to our Christian members.

Hi everyone!! (Hi Helen)

Hope you’re having a fabtastic Monday! (yes, well….,yes)

Just a reminder that Morningside Toastmasters November meetings will be as follows: (thanks) Continue reading

The Morningside Toastmasters committee have purchased new equipment to improve the Morningside Toastmasters experience. We are proud owners of an Acer projector, a Parrot white projector screen, a Canon video camera and a presenter remote for control of your own presentation.

We encourage all participants to utilise the club’s equipment during presentations, just remember to bring along your own lap top or to arrange with your club collegues to assist with bringing a lap top.



Dear Morningside Toastmasters and Friends,

We had a really fantastic meeting last night, thanks to those of you who joined in the fun.

Please note that we will be hosting our committee elections for the upcoming Toastmasters year at our next meeting on Thursday 7 June 2012 (the first Thursday in June). Continue reading

MSTM’s next meeting will be on the 23rd February at 18h30 at the Tennis Pavilion at Morningside Country Club. If you would like to speak at this meeting, or play any other role – please contact Tumi –

Dear Members and guests,

Please note that there will not be a meeting of Morningside Toastmasters on the 24’th of November. Please attend the division event as detailed below. Continue reading